2014 Junior Gold – Buffalo, NY – Day 2

Day two of Junior Gold is always the day which separates the field. Those who have done well enough over the past two days view day 3 as the block where they can move up high enough to advance. For others it is about bowling for a different reason, to maximize the learning experience and identify those areas of their game that need attention. At the present time Rebekah Varin has an outside chance to make the cut. It appears that the averages are slightly higher than in previous years. Rebekah helped herself today by posting a solid 914 block. Although she is still within striking distance, the 914 total could have easily been much higher leaving her with a more manageable task for day 3. Rebekah will need to be in the vicinity of 1050 tomorrow and may need a little help. After the way she threw the ball today, she may be able to pull a block like that together. Curran Desjardins lead the Flyers scoring pace today with a solid 924. Jewel Dumond continues to do very well in the U15 division. Her performance had her near the top of the pack and is in great shape to make that cut. With respect to the boys today, the pattern beat up most of the competitor thus, not allowing them an opportunity to make up any ground. Although they fought hard, the pattern today proved to be too much for most.

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