2014 Team USA Team Trials – Day 3


Bekah Varin on the Bowl.com live stream courtesy of Nicole Trudell


WTBA Stockholm played as expected today. Courtney threw it well again for the third day but, the score did not show it. She had some problems with equipment match up today which did not help matters. We’re going to have to see what we can do to address that aspect of things going forward. We have some ideas on how to proceed with that and we’ll be looking to address that as we proceed. It’s tough to watch someone putting everything they have into each shot, making some brilliant shots but, just not translating to score. There is not much to do in that case except do your best to grind through  since we don’t have the luxury of drilling up equipment base on how a specific shot plays in a given house.

On the brighter side of things, Bekah is have a successful tournament based on the goals she set for herself in her first attempt at Team Trials. She again averaged over 180 which meet her goals for the tournament. Her aggregate average for the 18 games so far is also just over 180 which match her goals. She’s a bit distraught to see her ranking though. But, as I’m quick to point out this is a very strong field and the scores she is putting up are on par with the cut line in most Jr. Gold events.  

Tomorrow is the longest pattern of the tournament, WTBA Mexico City. Each time I’ve seen this pattern it has played well with a fade. If you can move in on it, you generally have a defined path to the pocket. It is deceptive since most people somehow don’t believe you can get that far in and still score. So, they typically don’t get far enough inside to make themselves successful. If you fall for that trap the pattern typically please very tight and you don’t as much of an opportunity to control pocket. What I’m most worried about is the amount of juniors with an extreme amount of surface on their equipment. We’re concerned that this may be somewhat of the miserable experience on Tokyo. Hopefully Bekah and Courtney will be able to get left of them out of the gate and stay there. Otherwise this may be another long day. Truthfully, I’m hoping that some changes are made to the tournament to limit the number of juniors in the tourney. They play the lanes completely differently than the ladies do and that, in my opinion is causing some issues with respect to how the patterns are breaking down.

There are 12 remaining games and two patterns left in the tournament. Both Courtney and Bekah have solid resolve to do whatever they can to end on an up note and finish strong over the next couple of days. All in all the tournament has had its successes for both of them. Courtney was absolutely brilliant on day one and has thrown the ball very well. That is certainly something to build on. And Bekah has turned in three solid days in a row. Again, something to build on as well and a stepping stone to her last Junior Gold Tourney this Summer. 

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