2013 Jr. Gold – Day 2

7/16 – Day 2:

After day two of Junior Gold is the time when you see some separation between the players. What I find most interesting is the talent level at this event. Over the past few years there have been some changes to the format and the introduction of a 15U age group. Next year a 12U division will be introduced. The tournament is absolutely huge at this point. I just wish there was a way of cycling more Junior bowlers through the ITRC too. Since the numbers have increased in participation it seems logical that the next step would be to expand how many bowlers are afforded the opportunity to attend a camp at the ITRC with Kim, Rod, Steve and the rest of the staff. It would provide a wonderful opportunity which right now is essentially for Team USA only. I realize they are really busy with managing the two teams but, it would be awesome to see.

Anyway, today was a day of ups and downs for most of our local area youth. Some held par, others struggled and some did very well.

In the U20 boys division, some players were on the infamous WTBA Sydney pattern which is widely believed to be the most difficult WTBA short pattern. If it does not play on the outside (1-3 boards) then it is next to impossible to control pocket. This year Sydney was put down in an AMF house which meant a lane surface with a high friction rating. Unlike last year, players had the extreme outside line early in the block. As the pattern broke down it required change in hand position and/or a move inside while still maintaining the extreme outside breakpoint. It was a very demanding shot indeed. Yousef El-Laham is just 56 pins out of the cut and with a good performance tomorrow could land him in. Behind Yousef is Qwadaris Rembert, he is 95 pins out of the cut. He will need a big day and likely a little help to pull up above the cut line. While not impossible, these two U20 boys are in position to advance.

Here is how the U20 boys performed (* indicates short pattern today):

*Yousef El-Laham     939
Qwadaris Rembert    911
Jalen Scott-Jones      907
Nick Sauve                   892
Jermaine Dumond    866
Doug Moore                 811
Jeff Marcure                756
Ryan Franz                  729
*Alex Burbine            728
*Ben Burbine              706

In the U15 boys division, Brian Bourget remains in the cut. Unfortunately at the time of this post, the USBC server did not have the scores posted after 10 games. Chris Williams posted an 881 series which shows some progress over yesterday’s score.

The U20 girls, on the other hand is a much brighter prospect with some respect. Three of the four players who were within cut still remain. Gazmine Mason rolled a strong 1047 to position her in 18th. Right behind her is Jadee Scott-Jones who recorded a 1034 good enough for 20th. Nicole Trudell in 21st rounds out the top performers from our area.

The 7pm squad on WTBA Atlanta played very tight and played tighter as the squad progressed. Initially the pattern played around the outside of the track area (7-8) but, that quickly went away as the pattern tightened up down lane. Finding a defined area of the lane to play on became the challenge for the rest of the block. Some pairs played better than others introducing an element of confusion for the players.

Here is how the U20 girls performed (* = Atlanta):

Gazmine Mason         1047
Jadee Scott-Jones    1034
Nicole Trudell            987
*Tori Porter                889
*Rebekah Varin         827
*Curran Desjardins   819
Katy Barnes                 787
*Jess Marcure            708
*Sam Gitschier           696

Entering the last day of competition, some still have a cut to either aspire to or protect while others are looking to post solid scores to improve their overall position. Regardless of the situation, each competitor has fought hard thus far in the tournament

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