2013 Jr. Gold – The Night Before The First Day Of Competition

Here we are again on the eve of another Junior Gold tournament. This year we have a lot of bowlers from the area who participated in the Summer Sport League at AMF Cranston. I’m proud of each of them because each has worked incredibly hard to hone their skills over the summer to get ready for just this event.

This year feels a little different to me. Maybe because there are quite a few “veterans” participating and they have a quiet confidence. And what’s awesome is that they have taken the younger bowlers under their wing. Tonight we got together briefly just to set their experience thus far and to try and set perspective for the next few days. I know from experience the next few days will challenge them in ways they do not anticipate. In the end, win, lose, or draw they will have grown stronger from the experience. As for me, I don’t anticipate much sleep over the next few days. After our meeting we went across the street to Dave & Busters to let the players blow off a little steam and think about something other than Bowling for just a bit. I felt it would do them all some good before the event starts.

I’ll be running between centers trying to keep everyone focused and performing their best. Up until now it has been a whirlwind already. Yesterday, I spent the day in the Collegiate Expo representing Bryant University. In addition to the Juniors I’m coaching, I also need to follow up on some of the potential recruits I met yesterday. Tomorrow night after all is said and done, I’ll no doubt play the day’s events over in my head trying to rethink the day’s events and choices made. It happens all the time. We have an 8am block tomorrow morning. It’s the Girls block I’ve got a half dozen or so young ladies to coach. It will be a busy block. Right now, it’s about 11pm. I’ll need to turn in shortly and try to get some much needed sleep.

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