Yousef El-laham To Bowl For Stony Brook University

Yousef El-laham to Bowl for Stony Brook Universtiy

Yousef El-laham to Bowl for Stony Brook Universtiy

The Rhode Island Flyers Elite Junior Program continues to produce players who catch the attention of many collegiate bowling programs across the country. Yousef El-laham will join myriad current and former members of the Flyers to enter the collegiate ranks. Many Rhode Island Junior Bowlers and some from nearby Massachusetts who have entered the collegiate ranks have been active members of the Flyers organization, enjoying the benefits of the rigorous program that develops a player’s physical and mental aspects of the game.

Yousef has been a mainstay of the Flyers’ program and is a shining example of the kind of player the Flyers produce. He possess a strong work ethic on the lanes and in the classroom excelling as an athlete and a student. Through his hard work, determination and dedication, Yousef took himself from a casual recreational player to one of the region’s finest junior Bowlers.

His consistent record of win after win, competing in some of the most rigorous competitive situations made him a highly recruited collegiate prospect. El-laham considers his greatest achievement to be his performance at last year’s Junior Gold tournament. “My performance at the 2012 Junior Gold championships stands out. I improved over 400 places and learned a lot about lane play. Improving that much instilled a lot of confidence in my abilities and hopefully I can apply it to this year at Junior Gold. I now know that I can do well at junior Gold thanks to my last experience there.”

In the classroom his work ethic also garnered him stellar grades and lofty goals. Yousef will be entering Stony Brook University in the fall majoring in Physics.

His Bowling journey speaks for itself on the local, regional, and national scene. When it came time for him to search for a college he was not alone help was at his fingertips. Yousef and the Flyers’ coaching staff navigated the treacherous waters as a team, like they always had.

“I would like to thank coach Fran Varin and coach Courtney Parenteau for guiding me throughout my years as a youth bowler. My coaches really got me on my feet in terms of bowling and without them I wouldn’t be the bowler I am today. To rephrase that, I would have never even considered bowling in college. Thank you for everything! I would also like to thank my parents for supporting me throughout this stressful process and my friends for always being there for me.”

After sifting through many collegiate opportunities three schools remained which first met his academic needs and second could provide a Bowling experience where he could continue to grow his skills. In the final analysis, Florida State University, West Texas A&M, and Stony Brook University were the front runners. It was a difficult decision for Yousef but, he ultimately settled on Stony Brook University as the next part of his adventure. El-laham is ready to meet the challenge before him; “I’m excited that I will be able to receive an excellent college education and simultaneously be able to bowl for Stony Brook’s team. This opportunity will teach me more about working as a team and also help me develop individually as well. I am confident that I will be content with the end result of my years as a collegiate bowler.”

As Yousef’s skill translated into success on an off the lanes, he was always aware of his filling the shoes of a role model within the Flyers’ organization. El-laham can always be counted on to volunteer to help where needed. As an example of his desire to give back, he has also dedicated himself to coaching younger bowlers and is an inspiration to many. Reflecting on his journey, he offers “If you have an ambition, don’t be afraid to pursue it. It may be tough to make a decision for which college you are going to attend but don’t get caught up in the stress. Make a decision that’s going to make you feel relaxed and happy at the same time. Work hard and never lose sight of your goals and ambitions. You never know what’s waiting for you after you walk the stage on graduation day.”

Yousef, the Flyers’ coaching staff is very proud of your accomplishment and your example to all of the bowlers in the program and to those that read this article.



Fran Varin is a USBC Silver certified coach who coaches throughout Rhode Island. He is also a coach for the Rhode Island Flyers and Bryant University. He can be reached at

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