2013 Team USA Trials – Day 1

Our day started at 8am this morning. Still suffering from Jet lag we were up with the crack of dawn. The ladies were up on the WTBA Athens pattern. This is a 40′ pattern that generally play true to form for an in between length pattern. Most players saw the breakpoint around 9-10, it was a question of the angle to the breakpoint. In the Womens’ block, even the more known players got off to a slow start. The scoring pace was lower than we expected. Probably due to the slow start by most of the players. Courtney got out of the gate with a 220. She threw the ball very well today and had a look. A few missed opportunities though kept her score lower than it could have been. For the most part the Brunswick Aura and DV8 Marauder Madness were her tools of choice. When it was all said and done, she finished in 29th place. Not a bad start at all. We hope to have some luck on WTBA Beijing tomorrow. It is a 35′ pattern and she had a really good look with it during the practice block with the Brunswick C-System Versa Max and Karma Urethane.

Nicole Trudell got off to a rough start but, finished the block well. She fought hard in the second half of the block and pulled up her scores, finishing in 62nd. Nicole’s frame of mind remains positive and she is looking forward to tomorrow as well.

Billy Trudell got off to a slow start in his block. He was -43 going into the second half of the block. Billy made a timely ball change and went 734 on the back three to end up +70 which put him in 41st position. Billy performance was a really impressive show of determination and grit.

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