7/20/12 – 2012 Jr. Gold

The medium pattern was playable but certainly tricky. The scores were much more representative of what you would normally expect to see at Junior Gold. The Athens pattern was used, essentially the further in you move on the pattern the more it hooks. So, the key is to find a consistent line to the pocket. It was clear from the boy’s squad if you started in too deep early you found yourself with a bit of over under and an inconsistent shot. Those who stayed around 13 to 9 or there about faired better early on. It was important to make the right ball choice and stay ahead of the moves on this pattern. Pair to pair there was a fair amount of inconsistency in terms of the way the pattern played. Balls with strong Asymmetric cores looked awful on this pattern. Symmetric core balls with a medium diff. Looked much better. By the end of the boy’s block the middle was torn up many of the players were capping the gutter trying to create hold in the mids. Yousef moved to his slingshot late and moved left. It was the right line but, difficult for him since that is an extreme look for him. He ended the block with a 202 but, unfortunately bowled himself out of the cut. Still he finished 202 out of over 1000 boys. That’s very impressive in my book since this is only his second time out here, he is entering his Senior year of high school and outscored many collegiate and current/former Junior Team members. Nicole has had an awesome week and is in 8th position as of the end of match play today. Double elimination bracket play starts at 8am. This could be her year!

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