7/17/12 – 2012 Jr. Gold

Today, most of the bowler’s tried to literally survive the short pattern (Sydney). It proved to be one, if not the, most difficult short patterns I’ve ever seen. It’s 33′ in length with a volume of oil in the heads. After that it’s very flat across the lane. Mix that sudden stop on the pattern with Brunswick Pro-Anvil lane surface and you have a recipe for a breakpoint that is very hard to control. Those who could not consistently thread the needle close to the channel were in real trouble on this pattern.

My advice regarding this pattern was to try and make the pattern play longer by using a ball that was very even front to back with a little surface. It turns out, that worked well for most of the block for those who could be extremely accurate in all aspects of the game. However, as you would expect the boys broke down the pattern completely differently than the girls. In the case of the girls they lost the mids which seemed to have the affect of losing the backend forcing players inside with a swing….not the place you want to be.

Scores were in the tank on this pattern, boys expressed their frustration in various ways including slamming fists into tables. Girls, handled it a bit different including tears…many of them.

If there was a silver lining, I’m pleased to say that while this was, well, in a word…”brutal”, our kids all held it together mentally and emotionally. That in my book equates to a win even though the scores were not there. I saw many players who are very accomplished, some collegiate players, with lots of credentials getting beat up today. My heart went out to them since I know what this means to all of them and how hard they have worked to stand out from the crowd. This is my fourth year out here and I can honestly say this is the hardest pattern I’ve ever seen. It even crossed my mind to wonder if it was even appropriate to put this pattern down for the Juniors.

Nocole Trudell faired the best I believe rolling a block at -66. She is in great shape in the standings and if she can hold it together tomorrow should be all set for the first cut. I have no doubt she will be fine, I’ve been speaking with her over the past few days and she is methodically breaking the patterns down and from what I can see, her mental and emotional state is solid.

Yousef had a tough block and is currently sitting in 90th place, well above the cut line of 150. That’s a far cry from his number 5 ranking coming off of his stellar performance on the long pattern (Mexico City). He needs to put together a solid block on the medium pattern to advance. I’m not concerned with Yousef, he’s a fighter and he knows what he needs to do and will no doubt find a way to get it done.

Amanda Labossiere had a rough time yesterday as well. She is currently in 100th place just 19 pins off the cut line. If Amanda can regroup and focus on a good block she will no doubt be fine.

The above players from what I can tell are those from our area that have a shot at advancing in the tournament. There’s one more block to be contested, I’m still confident our bowlers will be just fine.

-Coach Fran

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