7/16/12 – 2012 Jr. Gold

It’s 8:37pm and i’m finally back in my hotel room. Whew, what a day…this is a grueling schedule, it always is. jr. Gold really challenges these young bowlers. This year it is just not possible for me to get to all the blocks, there are simply too many and the centers are about a half hour apart. I spent the day at Expo Bowl which is where the long pattern (Mexico City) is being used. It turns out we had the right game plan for that pattern. Expo was not without it’s challenges. The center is just not set up to accommodate such a large crowd. It’s a split house with the pin setters back to back. Picture two 40 lane houses glued together by the pin setters…That’s Expo. There is an access corridor on one side of the building only which links the two sides of the building. Not exactly convenient when you are dodging a packed crowd and have to get over to the other side of the house. Your out of luck if you are on the end of the house without the access corridor. It’s easier if you just take off your bowling shoes and walk outside to get to the other side of the building. That coupled with a cooling system that gave out on the high side of the building made for very grumpy players and spectators. Not to mention tacky synthetic approaches. It was hot and stuffy but, the players endured the environment. The scoring delay plus the number of players in the block caused it to run over by an hour and a half.

Rebekah shot pretty well today overall. She did fall a little bit short of her goal. Rebekah got behind on a few moves and made a couple of bad shots despite getting out of the gate with a great 213 in game 1. Overall she finished with 898. Not too bad, it is something she can build on from there. We kept chasing the shot in making parallel moves deeper each time (something Bekah is getting used to). She still does not trust that she can hook it from that deep. She stayed on her Brunswick Alpha-Max all day and had a super look with it. Her spare game was solid only missing three makable spares in 5 games. She is optimistic that she will be in the hunt tomorrow.

Yousef is probably the story of the day. He shot the lights out today by going +120 for the block. I don’t know for sure but, the scores online from the first block had only one player higher at +121. The results for his block have not yet been added in and the is one more to go tonight. Either way, I think he’ll end up near the top. What a performance today! I could tell he might have a great block based on his practice session (assuming they did not tweak the pattern). It did play a little tighter but, the fallback shot he used worked flawlessly. We made one zone change deeper in the 3rd game when the mids started to fry. But, other than that, it was just about repeating shots…and clearly he did that. He had one missed makable spare all day and stayed on his Brunswick Alpha-Max all day. The look he had was amazing. He gained a lot of attention from the people watching. I have to say, I was really proud of his effort today especially since I know first hand how hard he works. … and the amount of time we’ve spent working on some things that will make him a more versatile player. His execution today was near perfect… WELL DONE! I think I’ll have to consider changing his name form Youse El-lahama-jamma to simply “The Man”. Because that’s what he was today. He out played many of the college players today and to think he has just finished his High School Junior year. Very, very cool 🙂

Amanda Labossiere came across our path today and was throwing it really good today too. She ended up going +12 for the block. I suspect that’s going to put her in a good spot when the standings come out later tonight.

Chris Williams also turned in a respectable block today. This is his first time out here and he is bowling in the U15 age group. Chris is still on his way back after some recent surgery. His even being here is impressive and his effort today was courageous. Chris turned in a score of 848, not too shabby for his first attempt and the “rookie jitters”.

Some of the rest of the players will be playing late into the night. Especially those at Expo since there block started after 8pm tonight. I’ll have to check the scores later on to see where they ended up.

So, after 11 hours in the bowling center today, without air conditioning in 100+ degree temperature outside and a shoulder to shoulder mob of spectators, I’m pretty beat. Bekah and Yousef have already fallen asleep. Yousef is up tomorrow morning at 8am to take on Wester Bowl and the short pattern. Bekah’s squad is tomorrow nigh.

All in all… a very fruitful start for RI Flyers!!

-Coach Fran

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