2012 Queens – 4/20/12

Well, today’s block did not turnout as planned. Courtney fell victim to a few unfortunate mishaps and, in the end, simply did not knock enough pins down. We stayed an watched most of the burn squad. The shot opened up for them and they shot the lights out. Courtney will need a huge day tomorrow and maybe a little help.

Based on what we’ve seen the “B” squad will be on the fresh tomorrow an will not have the luxury of a wide open shot. Hopefully, they break it down well for Courtney. We’re hoping the scores normalize a bit. She still has a chance at making cut but, like I said will need a huge day.

Overall she threw the ball well today, some errant shots but, could never seem to really get clicking. She was playing them right based on what we saw. It seemed that just as she would get something started something would happen to break it up. Be it a split, washout or solid 9 count of some kind.

We’re hoping for better tomorrow. But, if nothing else It’s a learning experience.


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