2012 Queens – 4/19/12 Recap

Courtney got off to a slow start in game 1 of the sweeper. But, by the end of the block she had settled in and was throwing the ball great. The Sweeper did what we had hoped. It gave her a chance to settle in and focus on the task ahead.

After the Sweeper we broke for some lunch and ended up at B-dub…one of Courtney’s favorite spots. We headed back to the bowling center for her practice block. She threw the ball really well working off of what she learned in the Sweeper. We covered the house and ended up on her starting pair. She has a real good idea of how to approach the block tomorrow. We discovered several different lines and we put together a game plan for tomorrow.

It was good to see Kim Terrell-Kearney since we both had not seen her in a while. At Kim’s invite, we went to the ITRC after the block was over. Eric, Kim’s husband, came by to say hi and was kind enough to take us to the Bowling museum. The ITRC is an awesome facility. We traded notes with Kim and all of us were reassured in the fact that we saw the same things on the lanes and had very similar sense on where and how to approach the block tomorrow. We chatted with Kim and Eric for a while and then headed off to dinner. We ended up at the Texas Land and Cattle Steakhouse.

We picked up some water and snacks to keep Courtney alert during her block. She has packed it in for the evening since her block goes off at 9am tomorrow. We have the right plan, it will come down to execution and just knocking some pins down tomorrow.

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